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Proudly family owned since 1983.

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Experience the Difference with Lovaas Ranch Cattle

Our top priority at Lovaas Ranch is always moving our herd forward. We specialize in producing Simmental and SimAngus beef and our cattle are hand-selected for their genetics. By doing so, it allows the people we serve better results for maternal and carcass traits.  Our focus on breeding cattle for seed stock ensures that you are getting the best possible product. You can trust that our family-owned operation is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality beef.

Our Difference

As a leader in EPD cattle production, Lovaas Ranch is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality. We are proud that we are a member of the Performance Advocate Program, a program that recognizes ranchers who comply with the American Simmental Association standards. Whether you're looking to purchase cattle or partner with us for breeding and feeding, we are dedicated to providing top-quality cattle.

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Learn about our EPDs

At Lovaas Ranch, our Simangus and Simmental cattle are bred for high total index scores, including exceptional ribeye size and marbling. Our focus on genetics ensures superior calving ease and top quality beef. Trust our cattle EPD metrics to deliver the best beef on the market.

Commitment to our land

Lovaas Ranch takes pride in our commitment to the land and the animals we raise. Our ranch utilizes cattle rotation and weed control methods to maintain the health and vitality of the land, as well as our herd of Simmental and Simangus cattle. Our top priority is animal health, and we work to ensure that our livestock is healthy and well fed.

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